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WP Data Dashboard Tracks WordPress.org Themes Ecosystem – WP Tavern

Munich-based digital agency owner Hendrik Luehrsen has been tracking the usage of themes with the FSE tag (block themes) using a spreadsheet that pulls in data from the WordPress.org API. Wrangling the data in a spreadsheet became too cumbersome, so Luehrsen launched WP Data Dashboard over the weekend as a “centralized hub for exploring, analyzing, […]
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Ollie Theme Now Available on WordPress.org – WP Tavern

The free Ollie block theme, created by Mike McAlister and Patrick Posner, is now available for download on WordPress.org. A contentious review process led the team to remove the onboarding features, despite having gotten the green light from WordPress’ leadership who advocated for moving forward with the experiment. The version of Ollie available on WordPress.org […]
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WordPress.org Expands Two-Factor Authentication Interface to Include Security Keys – WP Tavern

WordPress.org began testing two-factor authentication (2FA) as an opt-in feature in May 2023. The interface and functionality are still in beta but it’s operational. This week contributors have expanded support for 2FA with a new interface for adding security keys, which are more secure than the one-time passwords. A logged in user can set up […]
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Patchstack Reports 404 Vulnerabilities Affecting 1.6M+ Websites to WordPress.org Plugins Team – WP Tavern

After an accumulation of undisclosed and unpatched vulnerabilities in plugins hosted on WordPress.org, Patchstack has reported 404 plugins to WordPress’ Plugin Review Team. “This situation creates a significant risk for the WordPress community, and we decided to take action,” Patchstack researcher Darius Sveikauskas said. “Since these developers have been unreachable, we sent the full list […]
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Should WordPress.org Support Threads Auto-Close After a Year? – WP Tavern

WordPress.org’s support forums are a vital resource and communication tool for users supporting their own sites and developers extending the software. Visiting the forums often means users have gotten stuck somehow and need to have a successful support experience in order to continue on their WordPress journeys. They are looking for help deciphering the meaning […]
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WordPress.org Enables Commercial and Community Filters on Plugin and Theme Directories – WP Tavern

During the 2022 State of the Word, Matt Mullenweg announced a plan to add new “Community” and “Commercial” taxonomies for the theme and plugin directories that would help users more quickly ascertain the purpose of the extensions they are considering. Shortly after the announcement, instructions were published for theme and plugin authors to opt into […]
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WordPress.org to Launch Pattern Creator to Expand Pattern Directory – WP Tavern

WordPress.org’s contributors are preparing to open the doors of the Pattern Directory to public submissions. Patterns’ transformative effect on page building in the block editor has made the feature important enough to earn its own directory in July 2021. For the past nine months, it has been limited to a small, curated selection of patterns […]
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