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Learning Pathways and Website Redesign – WP Tavern

[ad_1] Knowledge and training for WordPress has traditionally been very decentralized. There’s the official documentation, the developer documentation, the support forums, WordPress.tv, and then the wide array of community blogs, tutorials, and YouTube videos. Resources like documentation and support forums exist to answer questions and explain features, but their purpose is not to teach a […]
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WordPress Developer Docs Shows Off a New Block-Based Redesign – WP Tavern

[ad_1] Over the years, WordPress’s developer documentation, originally the Codex but now the WordPress Code Reference, has served the project well. However, there’s been a sense in the community that much of the more recent documentation- for example, the JavaScript APIs and packages coming out of Gutenberg- has been inconsistent and harder to read and […]
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Host non-bundled Blocks in Gutenberg’s GitHub Repository – WP Tavern

[ad_1] Matias Ventura, Gutenberg’s Lead Architect, recently made a pitch to incorporate some single-block plugins in the Gutenberg GitHub repository: “There’s a growing subset of blocks that we may contemplate creating that are either more niche or—for various reasons—not necessarily an immediate fit for the bundled library in core. This would include blocks that have […]
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Gutenberg 16.8 Makes Cover Block Smarter, Adds Experimental Pages List in Site Editor – WP Tavern

[ad_1] Gutenberg 16.8 was released this week with improvements to existing blocks and some experiments that lay the foundation for Phase 3 focused on collaboration. The Cover block now automatically sets an overlay color when a user applies the initial background image. If the user doesn’t manually set an overlay color prior to uploading the image, […]
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